Therapy department has opened in hospital on Uch-Korgon. Habibullaeva Gulchehra has mentioned about it.

Gulchehra Habibullaeva is works as a head of ambulance in hospital which situated in center of Uch-Korgon. “We try to take care of patients, as well as we can. Walk to patient’s rooms often to ask their health and give them attention is our duty. We have better conditions now than before.  It is very warm in the rooms”.


Habibullaeva said that, as the weather is cold most of the patients come to the hospital with the flu, cold, heart and diabetes. Also the village government helps to the hospital.

“The therapy department has opened recently and the government straightly helped in opening process. The only shortage is there is no water” – added Habibullaeva.

Hokimov Umidjon is receiving treatment at the Department of therapy. He mentioned that conditions of the hospital are good, doctors doing their job well and he is feeling better now.


This hospital got so much better than it was in two three years ago. All conditions and services are in a good level now. This health care institution is providing treatment to the all Uch-Korgon village.

By Abdilla uulu Saparali, Bekmurza uulu Dastan



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