Toktoyan village is located in the hills of the Issyk-Kul region. In the cold winter, a growing number of wolves are harming a livestock. “It took 20 days, the wolf attacked and bitten foal’s neck and leg. Veterinarians are treating foal. Treatment took more than 2,000 soms”- says villager Salamat Kaikeyiv.


Because of the wolf’s attack some villagers suffer losses. “The cattle were in the pasture. A month has passed like a wolf attacked and ate half a foal”- said Dinara Beyshenbieva.


Wolves often attack sheep of villagers living along the river bank. Wolves twice attacked the Azat’s cattle and ate two of his sheep. Azat is one of the residents of the village.  But he declined to comment on this fact.

As the saying goes, there is no harm from care, so people keep cattle in a paddock, not a pasture.

By Guljan Nurkasym kyzy, Aziza Ernisova, Guldana Nurlanova


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