Measles is actively spreading in children. This disease also called red shirt in Kyrgyz nation. Measles virus affected and infectious disease. Virus comes from coughing, talking and sneezing and pollutes air. It can affect all people regardless age.  We addressed to the doctor of infectious department of Ak-Talaa region hospital to Kokotaeva Aida.


What are the first symptoms of measles?

There is a fatigue and fever and red rashes on body. But it is also being in phase, firstly on face then to the body and finally to the foot side.

What is the danger of the measles?

If disease will affect eyes then is big probability of hearting them and becoming blind.   If measles affects the head then might be mental deficiency.


There are 8 patients are curing in the infectious department of the Ak-Talaa region hospital. The one of them is the 5th grade student. By wondering how the preventing process going in the schools we addressed to Sh. Beishenaliev school’s social teacher Zhangazieva Burul.

“There are no children registered in measles yet. But we are still doing the preventing process of it. The doctors from family medical center came to us and had read a lecture to the students. Advisory teachers are also holding advisory hours to explain about measles. Also the round table was organized between teachers. In all classes were made a sanitary bulletin.   There are written all symptoms and how to prevent it”, says Burul

Who already has had this disease then the immune will become strong.  But anyway it is better to get vaccination against measles shared anonym person.

Measles is very dangerous disease.  Children need to take vaccination in their one year old. The second vaccination should be taken in 6 years old. It is very important to get vaccination. Parent should take their kids regularly then their kids will be protected from the diseases.

Treatment produces a doctor and if the child is sick, he needs rest and diet. Observing hygiene, we care about your health.

By Nurperi Muratbekova, Kalida Kubanychbekova


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