Currently, the country is the main topic is violence against children by close to them people. In this regard, in the rural district Baetovo started a special planned event.

About children and their safety remains in the care of relatives told the head of the social department of the village Baetovo G. Nuraeva:


There are children who live under the care of relatives. If children live with grandparents, then with the permission of the court, we can control them. They will have registered. The control will be by learning about the conditions in life and school.

Social workers and social workers teachers are familiar with the living conditions of children living in families. Social teacher school by Beyshenalieva Zhangazieva Burul told us those 92 children in this category. According to the rules the number of such children identifies in the beginning of the year. “We also went around the house see the children in that category, learned about the living conditions, the attitude of the relatives to  children, how many people live, how many rooms in the house, is there a place to study. All this made the act and of course was an explanatory conversation” – said Burul Zhangazieva.


Kachkynbaev Erlan Head of Child Protection and Family Department of Social Protection Ak-Talaa district spoke about the work of regional scale.


Sent a letter to the rights and rural social workers, where the parents and where children of migrant workers, whether they live at home or with friends or relatives, with brother or sister? All information is confirming. Social workers of IDN with local policemen and social workers work closely in this regard.

By  B.Mamytbekova, K. Kubanychbekova, N. Muratbekova


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