The measles is an infectious disease. The doctors of the Ysyk-kul oblast in Toktoyan village began to spread the information about protecting from this illness.

The village health committee’s member Gulmira Akmatbekova: “We haven’t received the brochures yet. That’s why we did not hand  them out. But in another hand we are trying our best to inform residents orally”, says Gulmira Akmatbekova.

“The first symptoms of the measles are sneezing, fever, hard breathing and the red, fat rash on the body. This disease infects through the air», says Gulmira Akmatbekova.

The resident of the Toktoyan village Isaeva has mentioned that workers in medical center informed them everything about measles.

“This illness makes people be in no mood and the red rash starts appear on face. These rashes will spread to the body then. It possible to recover it in 10-15 days”-shared with her opinion Rahat Isaeva.

By Rita Keneshova, Madina Keneshova


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