During the winter season residents of Toktoyan village in Ysyk-Kul oblast used to go to skate in neighbor village. But there is a new skating rink has opened in Toktoyan.

Sadyr Shatenov is the resident of the Toktoyan who made the new skating rink. His wife Anara Mailykanova mentioned some things about the skating rink: “The one of the reasons opening skating rink is give some place to rest for the kids. As they work hard the skating rink would help them to relax and have fun. We were thinking about it since last year and finally could realize it now”-says Anara Mailykanova.

“We faced some challenges while we were making it. As the weather has been warm and the water was salty it has been hard to make the water freeze”-added Mailykanova.


“During these 2-3 days the weather got cold and finally skating rink froze. We made the rink smooth and tried it make it comfortable to skate”-says Anara Mailykanova.

“I am very pleased to have this skating rink. The best thing about skating is we can pay just 50 soms and skate as much as we want. I am coming here with friends. I truly appreciate who made it for us”- says the 6th grade high school student Aidai Abdynapykova.

By Adina Osmonova, Nurperi Nurkasym kyzy, Nargiza Aibek kyzy



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