The worker of coalmine passed away in a private company with limited liability “Ak-Jol” which located in Sulukta. Despite the timely arrival of the first rescue mobile platoon, the Ministry of Emergency Situations Sulukta failed to save the life of a miner.

Experts say that from high rate of concentration of coal gas a person loses consciousness during inhalation and the possibility to save his life is very low because coal gas is more poisonous than carbon dioxide. Moreover it doesn’t have smell and color. Gas can be determined by a special device. To prevent trouble in coal mines need to install air exchange trunks, or at least to be a fan. New mines that do not comply with safety standards are subject to various risks.

“Since the last time in the coal mines fixed many facts leading to the troubles, I ordered the local executive authorities to hold a meeting on this issue and i will check it myself”, said the head of the city council Ismailov.

A private company with limited liability “Ak-Jol” stopped working now, and the process of investigation of the tragic events was begun.

 By Anvarbek Tuktarov


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