Within five years, the soap-producing team “Bugu- Ene” produces soap from herbs and flowers. If this team had previously brand on certain types of soaps that at this time, on January 20th, was granted the right to Issyk-Kul brand. Brand means to respond to all requirements.

Chairman of the Regional Union for the Protection of Consumer Rights Sulaiman Usenov said: “We have a committee of 20 people. They are artists, designers, government regulations governing the people on cleanliness. These people check, evaluate, and then give a worthy people certificates. After receiving the certificate there opened trading prospects. And buyers with interest acquire branded goods. We issue certificates to the enterprise, as this team meets all our requirements”, said Sulaiman Usenov.


Chairman of the movement “One Village One Product” Makhabat Zhakeeva, noted the importance of the issuance of the brand.

There is a special committee of the Issyk-Kul brand that cooperates with us. This committee is composed of different sectors. They are tourism sector, the sector entrepreneurs, educational sector and the public sector. They are required to take the certificate of products. The certificate is issued for quality design, etc. In accordance with these requirements, we have given the logo brand to the team “Bugu-Ene”. Chapter Karasaev rural district Kurmanbek Kaiykov pleased success of team “Bugu-Ene”.


“In 2015, there will be five years of education of team “Bugu-Ene”. We are proud that our girls are among the first to be certified in the oblast. For our part we will do everything to help and support the team “Bugu-Ene”. Anarkul Esenbaeva work in a team “Bugu-Ene” assured that it will continue to work for the quality of products.


“We worked hard to get this brand and it started to give good results. There had been a lot of checks so finally the team got right to the Issyk-Kul brand. We have been producing quality soap. And in the future will make it even better”, said Anarkul Esenbaeva.

By Aigerim Kubatbekova, Chyntursun Turdumatov


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