The new technology came to the hospital of Kulanak vllage in the beginning of the December. The ultrasonography was bought in stationary part of the hospital as informs the head of the hospital Mairam Kochueva. 

The ultrasonography started to work four month ago. It made from Mindray Company in Germany. It is very comfortable to carry the apparatus as it is full portative. The useful part of the ultrasonography: firstly look at the patients; make some investigations take analysis than take to the hospital,”-says Mairam Kochueva.


When there were no ultrasonography patients had to go to Naryn which 45 km away from Kulanak village. “To go there needed to spend money. In village no, residents are dependent from pension, salary and allowance. That is why they try to save the money for going to Naryn”,- says head of the hospital. But know we are able to diagnose in Kulanak. For the appropriate using of the new technology we are going to learn it and take some lessons. As the hospital belongs to the oblast everyone can come to the hospital.


The member of the health committee Mirgul Kojobekova had shared that residents are very happy for the ultrasonography. “When we go to the village hospital they send us to the Naryn. The cost of the transport is 200 soms. Now it is very nice that we can save our money and can right away go to our hospital. The benefit of the ultrasonography is huge for us”,-mentioned Mirgul Kojobekova.

The resident of the Kulanak villag Chinara Attokurova was very glad to hear that they were provided with ultrasonography. “It was not comfortable to go to Naryn. We were wasting our time. The good thing about this apparatus is telling the exact kind of ill.


The new technologies in Kulanak village are going to help to the whole Naryn residents.

By Zulaika Mirlan kyzy, Perizat Kubanychekova, Albina Bolot kyzy, Jyldyz Asanova


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