The deputy of the Uchkun village union, the respected person of the Kulanak village and the medical person is Gulzamira Chukushova. She is the one who we will talk about. “After taking the independence of our country there has been days were salary were very law and employees had to leave their job. We have been working 6 month without salary. We are still working and moving on. It is hard to quit the work that you like. I consider myself as a fan of my job”.


“I started to work like obstetrician since 1996. There used to be a maternity ward that time. I worked there. I have had a lot of difficulties in my work”.


My working day starts from the going to the village and doing shots to the patients. As I am a family doctor, my job is visiting the families in the village. We do not have ambulance. That’s why sometimes I need to go to the patients even at night”.


With great achievements, received certificates and medal of the “Kurmanjan Datka” she would be awesome example for the youth.

“The reputation of the doctors became higher after 2010 revolution event. They saved so many lives. The government has realized the importance of the doctor’s work, so they raised the salary.  But unfortunately the markets prices are going up. Our salary is spending just for the house needs”.


The new technology is coming to the hospital, which is good for us and patients. Patients who are not able to stay stationary part can stay in the day part.


Gulzamira Chukushova’s hobby is mastery. We were very interested in her hand work.


I try not just limited by work, so it is my pleasure to make some pillows and blankets by hand working.  My grandmother used to do the same. I have learned from her when I was little. Every woman’s responsibility is cooking and decorating the house”-says Gulzamira.

By Daniya Talgatbekova


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