Halov Shamshidin Karimovich has been a director of the Suluktu fresh water municipal business for 10 years. In these years a lot of works were done in our city’s water sphere.  There were days when no water could come up from the canals and people were lack of fresh water. Shamshidin Halov came to his work by recommend of ex-vise-mayor, current city mayor Ibragimov Abdyzakir Azyrbaevich.

The water used to come to Suluktu from Samat village through the pump station. There were used 670 kWh energy to make the pump station work regularly. So it has been broken often. The director has written a project about improving the infrastructure and potential of the city to the ARIS, UNDP and “Kyzyl Chyrym” organization. In the result, people are using the water of “Tegirmen Say”mountain pasture and Aikol village. The residents of the Kamchatka county of Kosh- Bulak village were provided with fresh water. The grant was written to the UNDP and 3 million were given to fix the water issue which has been existed for 15 years in Kamchatka County.


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