There is a kindergarten in the Barskoon. As we know that the population of the village is quite large, the village needs another kindergarten. That’s why deputies of Ayil Kenesh (village council) did not reject the initiative to open new a kindergarten which initiated by Gulmira Keneshovna, head of the kindergarten, and Ruslan Tolonovich, head of village. So the new kindergarten was opened on 30th December of 2014.

The head of the Barskoon village, Ruslan Eshmanbetov Tolonovich congratulated children with new opened kindergarten and Happy New Year. He mentioned that very happy to help out anytime. Ruslan Eshmanbetov had some interview with our reporter Asel Asanova.


Where does the idea come of building the new kindergarten?

“It came from thinking to expand the kindergarten of Barskoon village and make a comfort for the residents of the village.

How much was spent to build a kindergarten?

It took 2010000 soms to construct the kindergarten. This sum was taken from our village budget. We used this sum for the kindergarten and administrative building.

What were your achievements and Barskoon’s achievements?

“There are a lot of achievements. I would like to mention that 66000000 soms investment came to our village. As you see yourself here is the new kindergarten.       New school was opened as well. Soon we are going to have a mini Football field. The ice filed will open on 31st December in 4th bridge”.

The head of the kindergarten, Gulmira Keneshovna, had appreciated everybody who supported the new kindergarten project. She wished Happy New Year.


For how many children is the kindergarten?

The kindergarten is for 70 children. As you know all in 2008 when “ARIS” program came we wrote a project, kindergarten for 70 children. There are a big amount of people in Braskoon but not a lot kindergarten. 2000 people in Barskoon which 640-670 of them are children. So the 70 kids are covering just 10% of them. But now we expended for 70 spots more, now there are 140 children are going to kindergarten.

How much money needs for the kid’s food per day?

“We take 18 soms from village budget and 500 soms from parents as a fee to provide a food for the kids. We use 450 soms from children’s fee for food and 50 soms for the kindergarten’s needs. If we calculate 450 soms will be considered as 20-21 soms per day. So we give a food for 39-40 soms to the kids.

What about healthcare of children?

We take attention firstly, to the cleanliness, secondly for the rational eating; moreover we focused on personal hygiene.  We know that our health depends on hygiene. It is very important for us to keep children healthy.

More we work more we get; very nice of having a great people who worked on this project. If we keep doing it Kyrgyzstan can definitely improve a lot.

By Asel Asanova, Bermet Alybaeva,  Erlan Ablasov.


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