Some school’s students of the Ak-Talaa region were provided with free clothes such as coat and boots. The head of the charity fund “Assolom” Nurbaev Nurmuhammed Bakirdinovich shared about it with us.


Nurmuhammed Bakirdinovich what kind of families you have helped?

Firstly we have divided into two groups. The first group of orphan kids, the second group of children from difficult living standards. According to this dividing we have chosen two schools of Ak-Talaa village and one lyceum. The quantity of the students is 108.

Where else did you help?

We have covered mostly Chuy region as we stayed in Bishkek. I met Bekzhan in Chuy. He came to me with the party “Zamandash” asked help from us. So we came to help out. Actually we work in all provinces of Kyrgyzstan.

Before the giving the clothes the category of the kids were known by help of the Department of Education of Ak-Talaa region and social worker of schools. We went to meet the social worker of the Sh. Beishenaliev school Zhangazieva Burul.


Nowadays, students in what category received free clothes?

We were informed to give a list of 40 students which need help. We gave them a list of 41 students. We have chosen the orphan kids, kids who have one parent and kids from poor family. We didn’t expect that much help from them. We thought the help will come in 1-2 month. But after giving them list they came really fast. We went to the region House of Culture. 42 students from our school received clothes. They got coat and boots. The quality is very good. Parents and students appreciated their help. It was great gift for the New Year.

The resident of the Baetov village Upol Matmusaeva was very glad for the great gifts of the charity fund.


My grandchildren have received coat. Thank you very much. I am also thankful for the school administration.

By Barchyn Mamytbekova, Sydyk Shamshybekov, Nagima Bilimbekova


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