In the village of Jal Orok Ail Okmoty Sokuluk district has a post office, which was built in 1957, and until 2014 in this post office never been renovated either outside or inside. The building began to crumble with age, flowed roof, went cracks, no heating, cabin windows. When pensioners come to receive a pension, they sat on the cement foundation substituting under them paper.


And in the rain and in the cold there were no conditions. In the fall of 2014, the line of women’s councils fund ‘Alliance for Budget Transparency’ with the support of Orok Ail Okmoty and youth, local active guys started repair the post office. Constructed benches and coated with a roof, cemented the whole area around the post office delivered to the grid. Pensioners are very pleased and grateful that were taken care of them.

By Kukeshova Gulnara, Kubanychbek uulu Azamat, Erkinbek uulu Eldiyar. 


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