The residents of the Baetov village use fresh water from the wells. But the wells remain open after using them. So the residents worry about them.  “The winter is here. We worry that our kids might fall because of icy road”- says Kayirgul Abdykadyrova, village resident.


The wells open since long time. It is dangerous for kids; they can fall into the well.

Did you asked for help?

Yes, we did.  They are going to fix it soon.  The winter is already come, so the water is going to freeze which can make the ice in the roads. I am not sure about wells being closed. As I have seen the well near my house it is still open.

We went to the head of the Municipal enterprise “Clean water”, Siezdbek Mambetov “The covers of the wells have been stolen several times. We don’t know who did it”- he says.

As all of the wells are old the quantity of breakages is a lot as well. We try to fix each of them. Right now two have left. All works has done by hands. As soon as we cover them, we discover the absent of them. Or someone just breaks the covers. The water is going out. We connected with village government, they are helping us.

The head of the Baetov village’s government Ruslan Abyshbaev “We are doing our best to fix the wells despite the cold weather and snow” he says.


We are covering the wells. If we even don’t have the suitable one, we try to cover them with cement or metal.    We have sent the letter to the Region government by asking to work together.

Who will be responsible if someone will injure from the open wells?

If someone hurts the head of the Municipal enterprise “Clean water” Siezdbek Mambetov and the village government will take the responsibility. Seizing the moment would like to announce that if someone sees the steeling the covers let us know.

Let’s put our force for better life.

By Barchyn Mamytbekova, Kalida Kubanychbekova



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