The residents of the Terek-Suu village got sick with jaundice disease. The head of the Medical center of the Terek-Suu village, Kaliya Dolotkazieva says that mostly kids have the jaundice right now including kinder garden kids also.


This transmitted disease coming up in result of not keeping the personal hygiene. The simple example is just washing the hands after bathroom. To avoid the jaundice needs to teach kids to the hygiene such as wash the hands with soap, wash the vegetables,  fruits and use the clean utensils.

Bermaet Tuuraly kyzy has told us about this disease to our correspondent as she is sick with jaundice.

When my eyes got yellow my grandmother has noticed it and found out that I caught jaundice. We went to the hospital. I was treated in hospital for 5-6 days. But there were no results I still was sick. Then I went to Toktogul to one man and he could cure me. I contracted with jaundice from boy who lives next to us.  When I was sick I had I headache, nausea. I couldn’t walk because of them. I felt pain in my liver when I was walking.


As we say the health is wealth, let’s keep the personal hygiene to avoid the disease.

By Adina Baisalbekova, Aichurok Nurbek kyzy, Kymbat Ramankulova


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