Winter started very cold in the village Kulanak in Naryn. As the December month was very cold the river overflowed its banks which brought harm for the residents.

Azat Abdrahmanov lives close to the mountains. So he was the first who suffered from the flood. The water was frozen in his yard especially it was really bad for the livestock. As sheep’s shelter was all in ice, Azat has to keep them in bath- house.

“Residents tried to block the flood yesterday. It is very bad for our livestock. Our sheep are not able to stay in their shelter, so I am force to keep them in bath-house. The situation is very difficult. I couldn’t even break the ices, it was impossible. I guess it is going to stay like this until spring”, – says Azat.


“This winter differs from others with its cold. Just in December we are experiencing that much cold. It is hard to say what we have to expect from January”, – says Ryskeldi Jusubaliev.

We asked to give some information about flooding rivers from Emil Toktonaliev, the expert of the flood of the Uchkun village government.


“This problem happens a lot every year. The temperature is about negative 30-35 Celsius, that’s why the water is freezing. We do our best to block the flood”,-says Emil Toktanaliev.

We went to the head of the government of the Kulanak village, Tilek Jumabaev to ask what kind of assistance will be given to the residents.

“Everyone knows that there is going to be a flood because of the strong cold. As we informed the flood has harmed houses of 2 families. From our government side we are trying to bresk the ices. The Ministry of the Emergence Situation also will help them”, – says Tilebek Jumabaev.


The flooding and icing brought so much harm for the residents. But in another hand we think that residents can make an ice skate and enjoy little bit.

By Perizat Kubanychbekova, Samara Ryskeldi kyzy, Meerim Almazbek kyzy, Jyldyz Asanova and Erkinai Narynbekova 


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