The resident of the Tasma village Beishenbai Saadabaev invented a new electrical lighting device from the wind. Knowing that the electricity is in short supply this year, he decided make the additional way of getting electricity. 

He has shared about his invented device with us: “The reason that I invented this device is the lack of electricity in our country this year. I want the light was on in my house. This device is giving the light in 12 volt. If there will be no light when is windy, the device will provide us with light. I have made it from the trumpet and just put in it a battery. It will get charged in fall. Then when we need it in winter it will help us very much. The neighbor of the Beishenbai Saadabaev, Gulsun Abakirova has mentioned that he was talented in inventing devices since he was young.


“This person can do almost everything. For example, he made a juice making machine, grain crushing machine and so on. Also he is very comfortable to work with electricity. Beishenbai is very smart person.

As proverb says “Great things are accomplished by talented people” Beishenbai decided don’t depend on government. We wish there are more talented people in our country.

By Kubatbekova Aigerim, Turdumatov Chyntursun


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