There is just a one school in Toktoyan. But the gym is absent in this school.  That’s why students have to have their Physical Education lesson (PE) either outside or in the classroom.


So the students clean the snow in playground and play Basketball and Volleyball. When is snowing or raining is hard for us have a Physical Education lesson. If it is warm we are playing outside, when cold hits us PE takes place in classroom”- says 10th grade student, Zhandos Sharsheev.


“We are losing the opportunity to win prizes from the lack of conditions for preparation for the tournament. We usually have region and village tournaments”-says one of the Basketball player Guldana Nurlanova. “We have heavy snows and here is so windy. It is impossible to play Basketball outside. That’s the reason of not participation us in tournaments, if we even do we do not get good prizes”- she added.


Teacher of Physical Education says that the absence of the gym leads to many problems. 20 hours was given to the chess and toguz korgol (kygyz intelligent game). So we force to spend these 20 hours just in winter”- says Nurlan Moldogaziev.


The principle of the school had the idea of ​​building a gym since the beginning.  But he mentioned that it is unknown when it will be. “We don’t have a gym. That would be great to build a gym in our school. Students also would be interested in sports”- says Kalyk Albanov.


The head of the village, Atabek Albanov, explained the absence of the gym. He says it because of the small amount of students. “There are 2000 people live in village, 351 of them are students. So the building of the gym have not considered yet”-says Albanov.

The students believe that soon they will have a gym at school.

By Guljan Nurkasym kyzy, Alisher Kudaibergenov.


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