There was an opening ceremony of the new hospital in Suusamyr village. So the hospital was given to use immediately. Building of the hospital was granted by the government, and it was done for 3 years.

The hospital has 2 stories. The policlinic is in the first floor. The maternity ward and general department are situated in second floor. All furniture and materials are new. Conditions were provided for doctors.


Nice atmosphere in the hospital gives us a good mood and makes us feel recover soon. All conditions were provided. We are very happy”, says the village resident, Amankulov Askat.


The obstetrician- gynecologist of the hospital, Kebekova Gulnur mentioned:

There were not any conditions for the maternity ward. Especially was hard for the women who gave birth in the winter. The lack of hot water has led to great difficulties for them. Now all conditions are provided such as hot water, shower, toilet and new furniture. There are 15 spots in maternity part.”

The main doctor of the Suusamyr’s hospital, Burulkan Turdumbekova “Come to hospital for the strengthening the health. Also the ultrasonography going to work as well”- gave some extra information.

 By Kalkanbekova Aizada


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