As we say in proverb who has old person that has a happiness. Mrs. Bubuko cures people. Being in her age she is very hard working. So we were interested about her life. She has shared with us about her life.

I am a pensioner, I am getting pension. But it is not enough to go to the hospital. The reason of getting law pension is maybe the government did not consider my farmer job when I was young. So the 4000 soms is really just little amount of money. The water is outside. But my neighbor’s kids help me usually to take water home. I have two daughters in Bishkek. I waiting for them, they take to Bishkek every winter. But in summer I come back. My son is in Ak-Suu. He has own family. I moved to him ones, but couldn’t get used to it. Then I came back to my village, to my home.

Why do you prefer to live here?

– I just used to it, my kids live separately. Some of them has own families, some of them working.

– Don’t you offend to them?

-Of course not. I just used to my house my village. My eyes getting weak and I began to hear badly. So I am looking forward to see my daughter soon. She has to come soon to get me.

-Did government give you some gifts for Elder’s Day?

– No, I haven’t received.

-How old are you?

– I am 113 years old.

We had conservation with her son Omurzakov Shayr. We were interested to know the reason of living her mom alone.

“We take care of her always. But she is stubborn. Our mom used to live alone. We visit her either day time or at night always. It is really hard to persuade her to live with one of us. It would be great if she takes the advice even one of her 5 kids.

For example, we take her to Bishkek. She cannot live in Bishkek, she need to do something. Otherwise she feels like in cage. I have a brother in Ak-Suu. He takes her his home, to health resort. Or I take her to my home. But anyway she wants to come back”.

We have visited the to the village government to find out what they do for the elder people. We have talked with head of the social protect organ, Kempirova Ainakan.

“We have “salary” for the elder people every year. That time we treat them with hot tea and give them gifts. Moreover on 9th May we also give gifts.

We provide with everything. Mrs. Bubuko’s kids have already grown up. She just lives alone as she prefers it. Her kids take care of her, I have talked with them. Mostly she is in Tokmok in her daughter. Now we are giving them “salary” until 18th of this month. In village government list there are 6 elder people. We have invited them all and have treated them.

By Temirbek kyzy Bekzada, Nurlan kyzy Perizat


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