The UNDP UNEP the Poverty-Environment Initiative has been working in Suusamyr village since 2009. It is a global program that supports country-led efforts to mainstream poverty-environment objectives into national development. There are some projects which are aimed to provide the village’s residents with barley cleaning, bulldozer and with new techno of the sewing department. Churok Kaldarbekov has told us some information about all these projects.

On the scale of the UNDP works 3 projects. The first of them is manage the mountains part, second one is checking out the climate changes and finally, the thirds one is the UHDP UNEP poverty-environment objectives. More about it has shared the UNDP UNEP’s manager Baisbek Usubaliev.

This project helps to the society very much. It has bought us see cleaning equipment and has opened the sewing department. Suusamyr works with the tractors and excavators which have bought by project. Besides this the project has started the new program “One village one product” with Japanese agency JAYKA.

The representatives of the different countries came to Suusamyr village to see the developments of the UNDP UNEP poverty-environment initiative. The representatives were from Albany, Armenia, Tajikistan and USA. One of them is the coordinator of the program BIOS. His name is Alisher Nazirov. He has shared his opinion about project.

I am very impressive to see the works which have done in Suusamyr village. We should take some advice from the work done in a sphere of poverty-environment. We absolutely can make the same in our country.

We sincerely hope that the initiative of poverty and the environment will continue to work Suusamyr.

By Nurkyz Namazbekova, Churok Kaldarbekova


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