The reception of the milk was opened in Suusamyr village. Up to these days residents of the Suusamyr village have been making kefir, sour milk and kurut, but the remainder of the milk was discarded. But now they have an opportunity to pass it out to the reception of the milk.  Nurkyz Namazbekova shared more about it.

The price of the milk used to be 9 soms per 1 liter. Right now the reception of the milk has raised it up to 16 soms.  So the residents of the village are able to get extra money by passing out their milk says the head of the reception of the milk, Samat Argymbaev.

We check all milk that we receive. The checking device called aerometer. By this device we know how much fat does milk has, is there any water was added or was it oxidized. We need to pay attention to the details, because if it stays for one more day it will be oxidized. Of course we can still make something from oxidized milk. But our aim is get fresh milk to the plant.

Residents of the village were satisfied by this reception place says Gulmira Abdyldabekova. Because before people used to make kymyz mostly, but now they began to pay attention to the milk as well.

It is very comfortable to have a milk reception place in Suusamyr. Residents are very happy.

In one day can receive two tons of milk. Milk goes to the Belovodsk-white milk factory in Kara-Balta city.


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