The new buildings “Alma-Bak” is situated in west side of Tasma village. The residents are not satisfied with electricity. They are not provided with enough electricity.

Liza Kydyrova, resident of “Alma-Bak” disappointed that the issue have not sold yet.

“The electricity is poor both in summer and winter in our region. It is very hard to kids do homework. We have addressed to the local government several times. But they are doing nothing even though promises us every time. The situation is the same all my time living here. Light is poor since the beginning because we installed the light ourselves. Wires are not smooth and most of them are wrapped. I think that’s why is so not good. We did it because of lack of money. We are situated far away from the city, so the coming of the electricity to us is slow.  We went to the head of the local executive authority, but he says come tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Later he told us go to village government. But village government doesn’t promises anything. However they told us that they will put this issue to the next year plans.  We are, residents, also raising the money try to help the village government”.


The resident of the “Alma-Bak” Talant Kydyshov says about very law electricity and mentioned that at night the lamp is better than electricity:

The light is so bad and everybody using just one wire. We addressed to the village government so many times, we asking them since spring but no results from them. We are not able to watch TV and kids cannot get ready for school”.

The young resident of the “Alma-Bak” is also cares about electricity problem. Ainagul Kary kyzy shared that she is getting harm for her health.

“No light at night, even in the evening feels like it’s already night. My eyes are hurts when I am reading in the dark. I truly hope that the electricity will get better.

We went to village government to get information about what steps were taken about this issue. We met the head of the village government Kurmanbek  Kayikov.

-Did the residents of “Alma-Bak” address you with electricity questions?

-Yes, they did. But the problem is money. According to law we need to observe these regions. When the money came to budget, we didn’t include the electricity issue in “Alma-Bak”. That’s why we are not having chance to make it.

-What you have done to solve this issue?

-We need to cover the budget. People have to pay tax on time.

– When the residents can expect results?

-“We have told them that only with budget of village government it’s impossible to make it. We advised them to write grant projects. Then we can add 10% or 15% of money they need.

We hope they will solve this problem as soon as possible by working together.

By Kubatbekova Aigerim, Beishebaev Salamat


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