Azamat Aibekov is famous and talented artist in Tash-Komur. His pictures in 3D are known by everyone in Tash-Komur, even though he is just a high school student by Kuzembaev of 9th grade.

Azamat says that he started write pictures when he was 2 years old. “I began to draw when I was really young. Then I used to draw just simple pictures. I was interesting in drawing 3D pictures when I was 13 years old”.

In the past year, being 8th grade student, Azamat took place in the contest in City House of Culture of Tash-Komur city dedicated to the epic “Manas”.


“Then I painted a portrait of well-known manas teller Sayakbai Karalaev. And have received award for the participation in this creative competition”,-says Azamat.

Nurgul Soorombaeva, the head teacher of the school #7 in Tash-Komur. She mentioned that she is so proud of her talented student. “He is very good, smart and well-mannered boy. He studies well and paints perfect. Not only I am proud of him, but also all of our school”,-says Nurgul Soorombaeva.

Drawing teacher, Batima Amanova, mentions that Azamat is hardworking and talented artist.  The solemn assembly was held at school in October this year. It was dedicated to the 85-years anniversary of well-known artist Vasilliy Shukshuna. Azamat got the certificate from assembly for the active participation”.


The best friend and classmate of Azamat, Aktilek Abdykadurov says that Azamat  is not just talented artist but also reliable and good friend.  “We are friends since childhood. He is friendly, kind and honest person. Azamat helps us in everything”.

In the meantime, Azamat sees his future in artistic creativity. “I have got huge plans for the future. I want to be an architect or artist”,-says Azamat

 By Kanykei Chokoeva, Aiturgan Toktonazaova


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