The biometric registration began in 12th November in Baetov village, Ak-Talaa region. 184 people took part on it already. The head of the Baetov village T.Turusbekov shared with importance of this campaign.

As the Baetov village is the center of the Ak-Talaa region we decided to have to 2 spots for registration. They are in post office and in village government building. All conditions for the work were provided. As you see there is a special room and 2 people who were educated taking the registration. For each spot of the registration we have sent the graph of getting through the registration. That is why residents coming collectively. Besides this we got people who are going through homes to explain about biometric registratioin.


Ayimbyby Jamalova , assistant of the principle of the Sh. Beishenaliev school, shared her opinion about registration part:

We, Sh. Beishenalev School, came to register to biometric registration.  In my opinion the registration is obligatory for every citizen of Kyrgyzstan. Every person should clarify information about themselves and it is also important for the country. By biometric information we can find out the quality of the residents of the country. Besides this the information is needed when we go abroad.


The staff of the registration work of the Baetov village Nazgul Abyshbaeva shared about how the registration is going:

We are registering residents of the village. As such this work is going at first time here, of course, we are having some difficulties. But everything is going well so far.


Let’s help to identify the biometric information of ourselves.

By B.Mamytbekova


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