The earthquake which underscored 7 point happened in Ton region on 14th November. From this natural disaster came to harm in different categories 458 houses in Bokonbaev village, Ton region.

The special group of village government got all of the resident’s protestations and went to the Bokonbaev village. They took pictures of the harmed houses; the base of the 458 of houses was given to the Ministry of the Emergency Situation. They checked out and came to the conclusion that by law the situation is not bad. They did not take it serious. But the residents of the village mentioned that if next earthquake will happen then the houses will be destroyed.



Some of the resident’s walls of garages, barns, sheds were harmed pretty serious. But it is not counting by the country’s law. So there is a question in what case we can get help from the government.

By Alchikeev Adilet, Melisov Jalynbek, Jolochieva Ayimzhan, Jumashev Azat


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