On 21st of November the charity event was held in Koshubulak village in willing of the saving the life of the 12 years old Adilet Joldoshbaev. 

Adilet’s kidney is not working well so the doctors require replacing it with other one. Adilet’s mother is ready to be a donor for her son. They are keeping the money for the operation right now.

The replacing of the kidney cost 14 thousand dollars. So the charity share was held to pay one part of the operation fee. He Kushubak village’s head Bakyt Saparkulov helped with this event.

“We could raise 233 thousand soms from the share. Besides this some private organizations going to put money in Adilet’s bank account. We are expecting around 300 thousand soms at the end. This amount can cover just one of the thirds part. Adilet’s relatives are willing to help as well. ”-says Bakyt Saparkulov

As has been informed the share going to last one week.

By Gulmira Sadridin kyzy


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