The football team in Jalal- Abad province organized by Children-Youthful Sports School (CYSS) takes first prizes in last several years. So Football team also won renewed tournament “Leather ball”. They became champions of the 2013.

Adam Abdulvagapov is 9 years old. He is the goalkeeper of his team in Tash-Komur. Adam says that likes Football very much. “I am attending the practices 3 times a week during in two month.  So I am finding it more interesting in my every game. Also I have my classmates in my team.”


Adam used to do wrestling. But after he began to go to Football, moreover when he became a goalkeeper he just started to dream about being successful Football player in the future.

“I am very happy when I am able to keep our gates save and not let ball to come in. So when my team is glad I am also proud of myself.”

Adam’s mom is pretty glad that the Football team is doing well in their town.

It is very nice when our team wins the games and takes the first prizes. It is very good results. It is lovely when your child is taking part in sports.”

Couch of the Tash-Komur Football team, Mamyr Beknazarov, is very proud of his footballs players. “What can I say when my players are trying their best. The main thing we are getting results.  We are taking the first prizes in regional tournaments,”- says couch.


As couch Beknazarov have mentioned next tournaments going to be on December in Bazar-Korgon. So they are practicing very hard every day.

By  Aleksey Terentev.


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