The construction of the park is going in these days in Tash-Komur. The alleys are renewing, fountains are reconstructing and new benches are building in Tash-Komur. Appears new flower beds.


According to the comment of the Nurlan Shamurzaev , director of the department municipal property of the Tash-Komur , construction of city park initiated by mayor’s office and the action team from among the local inhabitants. The local mayor’s office finances the construction. “For these goal was given 400000 thousands soms,”- says Shamurzaev.

There were no workers hired from outside to the construction. There are local workers right now. The salary is 4100 soms for each.

Talant Tursunbekov, constructor, says that workers are making priming of alleys and establishing the new paving stone. “We need to finish the first part of the work. We must catch up to the New Year. We want to bring joy to people”.


The resident of the Tash-Komur , Galina Didusenko very satisfied with the construction of the city park. She appreciates local government and residents for bringing this great idea which can lead to the comfort of the city and can make residents very pleased.

“I have only positive emotions! The construction of the city park- the betterment of our life,”-mentioned Galina Didusenko.


By Nigina Garanisheva, Akbermet Satybaldieva and Diana Islanbekova


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