In Barskoon village of Ak-Korgon area was held the opening ceremony of the school by Chylabaev. This event was held with deputies of Kyrgyz Republic, members of the government and invited guests. They have told their wishes for the future of the school and hand out their gifts.

“The school was built with special standards. I have just seen the building of the school, it is very big. Some school doesn’t have a gym, but this one does. That’s why the reasons of the yurts built today- to celebrate this big event. I think the school would be one of the greatest ones.”- shared her opinion the deputy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Erkingul Imankojoeva.


The principle of the school by Kazybai Chylabaev , Asanalieve Akylai Aibashovna mentioned some statements. K. Chylabaev one of the famous person of Barskoon. He did a lot of things for his nation and motherland. He was the hero of the USSR, because he gave his life in the war. The decision was made from elder residents of the village and from families that the school has to name by his name.

“The school has big differences from others by design and new standard. There are modern conditions for teachers and students.”-says Akylai Asanalieva.


The head of the Barskoon village Ruslan Tolonovich has been working in his job for 8 month. He congratulated everybody with Issyk-Kol’s 70th anniversary and Barskoon’s great event. He wished goodluck and peace to them.

“Our village government waits for the rest of the building of the gym. Then is going to be work in full standard. Our mission is to help, that’s why our involving to the building the school is pretty usual”-mentioned Ruslan Tolonovich.

By Kurmanbekova Albina,  Imerkul kyzy Munara


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