At the beginning of October 2014, in Bishkek was held the teaching training for 4 community multimedia centers (UMC) from Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Chui, Batken provinces. During the three days they had increased their capacity in the use of modern mobile and ICT technology on the question of access information.

Event hosted by UF “Mediamost” and UF “Kloop Media” with the financial support of UNDEF.  The first day of training was devoted to introducing participants from different regions of the country, self-installing and rules operating for equipment. The representatives of the UMC were divided into four groups. In each group was established model of the work of community media center. It required software which installed for publication of materials on the site of the organization.

“We have come to the training to obtain equipment for radio-transfer at the local level, and in this time we have received it”-said the chairman of the UF “Kojoi-Serek” in Sulyuktu,  Musuratilla Iskanov.

The second day began with the development of new Internet-based technologies, which is known as Twitter-distribution. It covers by SMS-distribution to get great amount of people. It is very easy to use. To begin this process needs to create an account on Twitter, indicate own phone number and send SMS message to 4040.


For example in order to connect with own community multimedia center UF “Chintamini” of the city Tash-Kumyr, send SMS with the text “follow chintamanimedia” to number 4040. Then you will receive two SMS confirming your subscription. “In my opinion, the biggest benefit is the fact that they will receive for free distribution. This is beneficial and useful. Using the Twitter-distribution you can without leaving the work area convey information to the local community. And your subscribers don’t have to come to media center to get the information. Wherever they may be- at the market, at home, at school, in Bishkek or in Jalal-Abad, anywhere in the country, your followers will be in the course of developments.”-said the cooperator of Kloop media, Elmurat Ashyraliev. No less important was lesson for writing news. The participants have learned structure of texts, publications. They learned how to photograph record audio, make questions and take interviews. At the end of the day participant’s news materials were published on their web-sites.

During the third day participants could take interviews, do audio editing and place them in their sites.

Based on UF “Chintamini” a community-based media center began its work by project “Making radio- you do progress by destroying the insulation mountain communities” with financial support from UNDEF and in partnership with the UF “Mediamost” in Talas city.

The community multimedia center UF “Chintamini” in Tash-Kumyr of Jalal-Abad province uses in its work effective concept named “One interface – many channels of communication” For the dissemination of information gathered a community multimedia center uses multiple channels of communication, potentially available to the UMC. News on the social and environmental issues collected by UMC, they distributed through via mobile “Voice of village, social networks, internet platform and SMS distribution.

By Irina Shmakova

Photo by Aleksei Terentev


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