The Toktogul administrative fund has provided with 500000 million som to the storage reservoir which keeps the fresh water in Terek-Suu village by Ketmen-Dobo area in this 15th October, 2014.

The building of the storage reservoir of getting fresh water has started the firm Inter Text Operation (ITO). The brigadier of the ITO has shared about progress of the work.

The firm was opened 8-9 years ago. We have built a lot of objects and school in Belovodsk. We helped with constructing of the Toktoguls hospital and we produced some water cannels. We are transforming the building materials to here. As the place is the highland we have to do all works by hand, because they are lack of the technology. Guys have taken to the highland by hand sands, because there is no option then that.


Do you think that this project was mistaken in architecture’s plan?

“The project depended on money, we are lack of resources. If there is needs we are trying to put our money into it, because everything for the people. We want them to have the fresh water.

If there are more resources what would be better to add?

“If there would be more resources it would be nice to spread for the 10-15 meters. If we could do it better I think it would provide residents with fresh water for 100 years. But for that we need 5000000 million more som. But it still good for the residents, because the situation will get better then is used to be.”- says Kanat.


The residents of the village were using the dirty water. And it was the reason for the lot of disease among the people. So we truly hope that the construction of the new storage reservoir will help to solve the problem and give the better conditions for the people in Terek-Suu village.

 By Raushan Jenishbekova


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