The resident of the Bakai-Ata village Andash Mambetaliev became famous by inoculating the apple-trees like the well-known biologist Michurin. His labor of many years is the result of getting qualitative crop.

Let’s take the apple-tree where we can get three kinds of apple such as “Excellent Red”, Bufler” and “Kondel”. In addition the crop is increasing every year.

“The gathered crop goes to Bayonur and Karaganda which are cities of Kazakhstan, to the Russian cities such as Omsk, Tomsk and Novosibirsk.”-says Andash Mambetaliev.

“I have learned to inoculate the apple-trees when I was 16. I learned from our German neighbor Ivan Yakovlivich Pauls. In my opinion the apple is the most useful fruit. It is very important for the health. Moreover there is an iron in apple which is needed thing for the human health.” Andash Mambetaliev

“In addition, it is a profit for my family. We get around 2 tons of apple every year. The money from these 2 tons apple we spend to the family needs.”-mentioned Andash.

Kerimkul Baibekov is the neighbor of Andash. He told us that Andash a gardener and farmer at the same time.

We need to take an example from him. I moved here 10 years ago. Andash advised to plant apple-trees. I have planted around 200 apple-trees. Then I bought two cars and house, I pay my kid’s student fee.  And everything happened with his help.” –says Kerimkulov.

By Mars kyzy Asel, Orozalieve Aiperi


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