There are a lot of building works in Toktoyan village right now. So for the buildings residents of the village used to use the power saw bench in another village. It cost for them a lot.

A resident of the village Chymyrov Myrzabek has opened new power saw bench. He talked about his power saw bench tool:

This tool was brought 3-4 month ago. I hoped that it would be very useful for residents. It cost me 180 thousand som. People from other villages come to ours to saw the benches.

Baigaly uulu Sholdoshbek mentioned what challenges he faced without power saw bench.


It is very good that we had the power saw bench in our village. We used to go to other villages to saw our benches. We used to spend a lot of money for that.

Kaikiev Salamat told that it got much easier than is used to be because of the new power saw bench.

“The benefit is huge for the residents of the Toktoya village, people began to some buildings. If they need to saw benches there is the ready machine to do it for them”-says Kaikiev Salamat.


We truly believe that they will get provided with such kind of tools in the future.

 By Maksat uulu Kalygul, Kudaibergenov Alisher  


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