The Kuu- Maidan village is situated 10-12 km far away from Nookat region. The residents of the village used to came to the Nookat region to celebrate some events in cafe by booking tables there.

Since 20th September of 2014 residents started to book in tea house in Kuu- Maidan village.

The reason of the opening the cafe in village is the village is far away from the region. It is difficult to get to the region, that’s why we thought it would be easier to have it here. I decided to open it in village from my own budget and from budget of my relatives. So there are 5 employees working right now. They get salary form the order’s percentage. We are planning to build a rest zone for the next year says the owner of the cafe Jailobaev Bakyt.


The residents of the village appreciate for the new cafe at the village as their one of the problem was solved. Aisuluu the often visitor of the Kochkor-Ata cafe shared with us her opinion about café.

“I came here to book this café to treat me friends. The good thing about it is we can get home whenever we want. The employees of the cafe take care of the visitors very well, chefs cook dishes very delicious” –says  Aisuluu.


By Absatarov Jenishbek


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