The climate in Nookat valley is appropriate for raising the apple, that’s why there is a difference in taste from other apples. The month of the fall season- October is time when apple gets ready. So there is an active moment of the picking up the apples. 


It is possible to meet apple trees in every house of the Shankol village. A resident of the village, Aitmatova Ainura, planted apple trees and made a garden for my 10 hundredth share of land. She told us about her work: “I plant apple trees for the land I have. There are 50 apple trees. I have been planting them for 10 years. I take care of them as best as I can. The good results of the harvest might be 10 tons, the worth, at least 2 tons. There is all red kind of apples.”

The apple raising need own way to take care of them which is not easy. If there will be no looking for them in spring time, harvest going to be bad. In addition apple trees need cure for good raising them. So for 10 hundredth of land spends 5 thousand som.


According to the residents opinion the raising of the apple is not a job, this just additional work. “I actually work in “Mol bulak” finance credit company, this my agriculture work is considering like additional work for myself”- says Aitmatova Ainura.

The future plans are to expand the land and make the high harvest.

By Orozmamat kyzy Meerim


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