There are 100 students in Russian language classes of the high school in Baetov village. Most of the students don’t have enough books.  Parents spend at least 1000 som for their kids every year. Satarbekova Nurgiza and Zamirbekova Nurzat high school students by Sh. Beishealiev from Russian language classes shared their opinion about current book issue.

Almost all books are not enough for Russian language classes. We get just 3-4 books from library, others we have to buy ourselves.

Where do you buy usually?

We buy them from elder students or in city. But there also used books. If we buy in city it cost 300-3350 soms, if at school from elder students it cost 200-250.

Student’s parents mention about lack of books all the time. Some of them buy the books for their kids themselves using own money. There are 4-5 students in one family. That’s why not everybody can provide their kid with all books. In addition there are parents who don’t work and their children study with no books says Abdykadyrova Kayirgul.


The problem is – the lack of the books. My daughter is in 5th grade. I have bought 6 books for her in this year. One of them cost 200 som and I spent 1200 som. If in every family 4-5 kids how do they have to manage the money?

What is your advice to increase the quantity of the books at school?

To have enough books parents have to raise money and make a book fond. If we buy once to the students others can use it every year.

When we met with the head of the education in Ak-Talaa region Tuyakbek Moldokmatov by questioning him about books and he gave us some responds:


Why there is lack of the books in Russian language classes?

The Ministry of the Education in Kyrgyzstan provides with 100 million som. Usually schools in city and our as well study with the Russian books. So we have to find some sponsors for help but habitants of the village don’t try their best to help us to find the sponsors.

What are your attempts to fill the library with new books?

We have sent the letter to the Russian Federation. But no respond yet. We hope it will come soon.

As we say “Book is our life” we cannot get a good knowledge without books. So let’s try in our own than just wait for school.

By Kasymalieva Aicholpon




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