The Iskra vollage situated in Sunbul village administrate Leilek region Batken province. The students, teachers and habitants of the village full of happiness because they had been permitted to use the building for school. It was built in 25 years.

The building of the Iskra school was started in 1989. After Soviet collapse it was stopped and nobody took care of the school anymore. The students lost their hope for new school. When the old one was out of use they had to rent the governments buildings and keep learning. School administrative had recourse to the government.  As a result in 2004 they got one of the blocs of the school and started their study. Later in 2010 the second part of the bloc was ready to use. Anyway the school building still wasn’t finished. The school principle shared his opinion with us. “The construction of the school started over and the government gave 32 million som. Moreover the company SWLL (Society with limited liability)  “ART Construction” in Osh handled the building of the school also. The school’s administrative part, gym and other parts were fully built. There are 620 seats. The opening ceremony is going to be soon. A great deal of assistance in constructing schools have had a deputy of the Supreme council Aripov Nazarali  Turdalievich,  an administrative head of the Leilek region Aripov Tileberdi Turdalievich, Sumbula village head  Bekmuratov Baimurat Asatovich  and village parishioners Kanatov Tologon, Ermatov Mustafa, Razakov Ergeshtin.” –says principle of the school Maripov Tajymurat.


There is new styled gym, computer class, interactive whiteboard and the best school inventory. The students were having difficulties in PE class because of cold weather outside, but now everything is going perfect. This is good news not just for students but for teachers also.  Kanatova Gulmahram, Manas high school teacher shared her happiness with us: “We are extremely glad to the new opening school. The school has stayed with no reaper for long 20 years. When we had to rent some building to have classes there were no enough spaces for kids and they had to sit by three in two sets. Also the classes were too close to each other that we can disturb by each other.”


The principle of the school Maripov Tajimurat mentioned that opening ceremony will be in the beginning of the October. They are waiting for opening ceremony our president, Almazbek Atambaev’s participation. How says “The good thing where the king is”, habitants of the village believed that the visit of the president going to bring so much good things in the future.

 By Yrysbubu Jalilova



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