There are 77% of the internet’s users are in Bishkek, 10% in Osh province other 13% are in the rest of the provinces of our country.

Gulanda  Ibraeva ,11th grade student says that internet is our future. “Our village is far away from the city so internet speed is slow and cost is high. But despite of all youth in village use internet. It would be nice if the speed of the internet would get little higher because we use internet often. We need it to get needed information”, – shared Gulanda with us.


Orozobekova Nazira, the computer science teacher from secondary school #18 by A. Koenkozov, mentioned that a lot of difficulties in using the internet. “The quality of the internet doesn’t satisfy us. There is not an antenna in village, that’s why is so slow. It takes so much time to get information.”-says Orozobekova Nazira.

There is an Internet in Toktoyan, but the speed is very slow. The head of the village announced that there some plans to bring the internet to village. “We are raising the internet issues. We are going to write projects. We hope there are going to be sponsors.  With their help we can reduce this problem”- says Atabek Albanov.

We truly believe that the high speed internet will come to Toktoyan and people can use it easily.

 By Guljan Nurkasym kyzy, Kalygul Maksat uulu, Temirbolot  Onolkeev.


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