The clean water wasn’t given in Osh province Nookat region Arbyn village since Soviet Union collapse. The tubes were broken moreover there no enough finance for   them. In some places the fresh water gets out from the ground in 40th m. So that’s the reason of people using the water from ditches which comes from seas.

There were some international organizations that have organized projects to get fresh water. But all of them had no results and they still don’t have solution to their water issue. Habitants have to use the water despite of the garbage in the ditches and animals using the water from same place as people do.

“We forced to drink water together with chicken and gooses. As they use the same ditch as we do. I would consider that it is our fault also, because we don’t taking care of cleanness. There is so much harm in ditch especially in fall. In addition the jaundice increases among the children. Even sick animal drink water from ditch. For example there is a sharp syndrome. All these diseases are giving harm to the people. That’s why some diseases such as bile disease or typhus coming up often.”- says habitant of the village Mamajunusova Aigul.


If one the problem is using the contaminated water from ditch then the second one is not being able to use it in winter. The winter is cold and the all ditches are freezes and they have to get the water from big sea. The litters stay from the animals in the sea as they use the same water again.


The dirty water is influences the people’s health. It is a big damage to kids. Mamytova Suusar , staff of the Arbyn village medical center mentioned that they find  worms like a pest corps in kids usually. “Kids by using not boiled water from the ditch catching so many diseases, the common one is jaundice. The bad thing about it that if they have already thrown off the illness, they still get sick again”-says Mamytova Suusar.

As doctor assert there are 4-5 kids in the list of the jaundice sickness per month. They all have worms in addition. The worth thing about worms is very hard to throw them off. They are very harmful. The worms like a pest staffs leads to the anemia. The immune is will be low.”- says Mamytova Suusar.


By understating how harmful can be the water they use the habitants started to do clean up jobs. Some habitants of the village use the electric motor to get the fresh water, some of them encircle the springs try to set the source of the water. Anyway most of the habitants still use the contaminated water.

 By Nurzat Azimova  


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