It was a competition held in festival named “Keep moving forward our countryside” in secondary school by Itikul Moldobaev in Zherge-Tal village. Residents and students have participated to the competition with topics “My future household” and “Healthy livestock-healthy society.”

The results of the competition “My future household” were announced by jury according to the best works of the students. They did some model of the houses using their fantasy, pictures and skits. Participants were awarded with certificates of merit and gifts. The winner of the competition “My future household” Elzat Amantoroeva, 7th grade student shared her achievement with us. This is my future household. I did it by dividing to the two parts. One part is for people, the second part for domestic animals. We need our domestic animals so much. Besides this there are resting area and technology.


The winners of the second competition were 9th grade students. They showed a method of transmission of the diseases such as echinococcosis, brucellosis, infectious fatal viral disease.

We took a part in contest “Healthy livestock- healthy society”.  We have learned how to avoid and protect ourselves from these diseases.  We have to wash our hands all the time and drink clean water.

The specialist in livestock of the closed joint stock company -“Companion” Aziz Israilov who is training the village community says “We are showing in practice everything we have covered in theory”


The reason of the organizing these arrangements is to fend a relationship between people and animals, to apprehend from these diseases and to teach how to combat them.  We had 2 groups since beginning of the year to control the livestock. We are having training to for them to develop their knowledge. In addition we are also having the students in our trainings. Because as we know the students face brucellosis often we just want to make sure that they will know to protect themselves.

How useful the training conducted by you?

I would not say that is useless for 100%. Moreover we never provide our clients with harmful information. We always give information only scientific proven.

As we know that “The medicine cures person but the veterinary cures humanity” we hope everybody will take care of their livestock and will be healthy.


By G.Mamytbekova


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