On the initiative of the individual borrowers company “Companion” was held the apple festival named “Keep moving forward our countryside” in Ak-Talaa region, Konorchok village. A lot of kinds of the vegetables and apples were presented in festival.

The teams Initiative 1, Imitative 2 and “Happy baby” team from kinder garden performed their skills in festival.  Competitions were with nominations such as “Carving”- art of cutting vegetables in different shapes, “Songs about apple” and “Special vegetables” and winners received their gifts.




Makeshova Tolkun was awarded with nomination “Special vegetables” for her apple which weights 440gr.


The owner of the award shared her experience with us: “We have already started to strengthen in spring. We gave the fertilizer to the root of the apple tree. We make manure, we cause fermentation of compote.  They are not chemical enrichment. There are special methods of taking care them. We are trying our best by cutting, watering, curing them on time. We use environmentally clean fertilizers such as bitter pepper, garlic. Everything we do by hands.

There is a trainer from the credit company “Eko-Bak”- Mambetov Aman.

He conducts trainings about different ways of raising the apple in Konorchok village. He says: “We are doing such kind of works to increase the people’s life conditions, to make them grow the apple in their garden and to avoid the anemia disease. If one family in village will grow 10 apple trees, the family will provide itself with vitamins for whole year, won’t have to buy the apples in winter time.


What is your advice for who wants to grow an apple tree?

I would like to mention that they have to choose the sort of apple according to the weather in their area. Because most of them buy any sort that they like. And if it doesn’t belong to climate it won’t grow well.

The manager of the Naryn filial company Jakeeve Aida shared some information about apple festival which is holding in all provinces of our country: “The main reason of the festival is to make gust in people to grow an apple tree. There are 2 laborious teams in Konorchok. Our members will teach to these 2 teams everything about growing the apple. The teams going to compete with each other by sharing the skills, in that way they can develop. We organized the republic festival in Ak-Talaa region in 2012. The results were good. So the residents appreciated us very much. They told us that now they have a different view to grow apples, and understand that it is very useful and provides their children with vitamin. Even rest of the apples they can sell. This in the 8th festival is holding in this year”.

 By Gularchyn Mamytbekova


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