wpid-20141009_1415523Nowadays is getting very popular to show and solve the people’s problems among youth. And one of the common issues is ethnic conflicts. There were organized a Forum Theater “The way to the peace” in Andarak village to work toward in getting a good friendship with nations and call to the peace and unity. This Theater maintains its work since 2010.

      forum teatr
The youth raised the problems and gives suggestions in solving it. For example political issues as migration, school bullying, retires problems, suicide among youth, livelihoods. The talented youth write the script of the play and perform them by themselves. The first of all it was considered as a project called “We are for international tolerance” by society fond initiative and international organizations such as IRECS and USAID. The coordinator of the theater Ergashov Suhrobjan mentions that the project is useful for students and the benefit for them is huge. “The students who have got to participate in theater works learned how to feel free in society and express their thoughts. Our participants are getting the high education in Bishkek, Osh and Batken now. I am proud of them. They could show their abilities in village and achieve a success in their study. ”says Ergashov Suhrobjan.The Forum Theater has been visiting in provinces such Osh, Batken, Jalal-Abad and Ysyk-Kol and gave their performances with different kinds of issues which exist in our country. Ergashov Suhrobjan says that it was little hard to get accepted by residents, because they did not believe that it could be solution. But when the time went by they made a conclusion about helping to Forum Theater. The Forum Theater showed them the effect. There is a theater performance once a month in Andarak village.The Forum Theater usually is ruling by the high school students. There are Kyrgyz and Tajik students involved very actively. One of the active students in theater is Isabek Esirkeev. He has been working at Forum for 2 years. “Our theater is the special one and we are different from others by not just setting the problems but at the same time getting a solution.” says Isabek.wpid-20140930_1015463The audience of the theater is all residents of the village. As they informed us the performance makes them be tolerant and make a right decision in solving problems. The achievement of the theater makes inspect to spread it to the other villages.By Bahridin kyzy Bermet.


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