Free Wi-Fi access to village library, Karasu, Kyrgyzstan ©UNESCO Almaty

700 residents from Kara-Suu village in Chui Region will get better opportunities for self-expression and access to information due to the activities of the Public Fund “Kloop Media” supported by UNESCO Office in Almaty in the framework of the EU-UN Project “Operationalizing Good Governance for Social Justice in Kyrgyzstan“.

Public Foundation “Kloop Media supported by UNESCO Almaty has launched a unique pilot project in the absence of available Internet. In a community multimedia center, which is situated in remote village of Kara-Suu, the server is installed where the electronic collection of training programs, educational videos, and multimedia products of the media center and much more are downloaded. Popular news websites are updated daily on the server through 3G Internet connection. Now residents of Kara-Suu have free access to all of the mentioned services with the help of Wi-Fi connection, which covers the whole village.

“The residents of our village now learned that it is possible to receive the information for free, to listen a radio reports, to watch video and read news on the mobile phones or notebooks” says Sultanaly Chakchagaev, a head of community multimedia center. He also adds, now it is fall season and it is time of gathering and selling the harvest. The villagers will purchase equipments for their earnings to use our online library in their spare time.

The speed of access to the materials on the server many times exceeds the speed of mobile or terrestrial Internet connection. Access to the server for the villagers is free.

After installing the server in Kara-Suu, the popularity of smart phones and tablets in the village will be greatly enhanced.

“I will tell all of my classmates and relatives. We all have smart phones, hence everyone will be able to use our online library,” says Erkaiym Azarkulova, a student of 11th grade and an active participant of the community multimedia center.

In addition Kloop media improved access to Community Media website Kyrgyzmedia, it is supported now the multilingual interface and various queries. Various social media exchange is available as well.

The activity was implemented in the framework of the joint EU and UN project “Operationalising Good Governance for Social Justice,” which was launched in October 2011 and carried out within 36 months up to October 2014. The project aims to increase the potential for the realization of legitimate rights of citizens regarding public services, especially for vulnerable groups – women, youth and children in 30 rural municipalities in seven regions of Kyrgyzstan. This project is implemented by UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women and UNESCO. The European Union participates in the financing of this project, together with the above-mentioned UN agencies.

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Source: Communication and Information – http://www.unesco.kz/new/en/unesco/news/2889


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