Mobile application Voice of Aiyl provides access to community radio content ©UNESCO Almaty

From 4 to 18 August 2014, Community Media Association with support of UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office will hold seven three day workshops on Community Podcasting Information Provision by mobile ICTs for six community radio and one multimedia center in remote areas of Kyrgyzstan.

Representatives of Community media will gain skills on using mobile applications for rural development. Learn in-depth blogging and podcasts creation, how to integrate audio recordings and photos taken with a mobile phone into blogs.

Given that six community radio will broadcast in podcast form, all news and reports on the issues that concerns the local communities will be available in the mobile application “Voice of Aiyl.”

“Mobile ICTs mastered by rural correspondents help to deliver radio programmes to those destinations where own programmes never been heard before, and the Association will help. “, – Ms Nazira Zhusupova, Community Media Association of Kyrgyzstan.

As well Community Media Association will provide technical assistance in digital audio programming, creation a twitter account for individual community radios, and ensuring the access for local communities.

Series of trainings are organized within the joint EU and UN project “Operationalising Good Governance for Social Justice,” which was launched in October 2011 and carried out within 36 months up to October 2014. The project aims to increase the potential for the realization of legitimate rights of citizens regarding public services, especially for vulnerable groups – women, youth and children in 30 rural municipalities in seven regions of Kyrgyzstan. This project is implemented by UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women and UNESCO. The European Union participates in the financing of this project, together with the above-mentioned UN agencies.

Source: Communication and Information – http://www.unesco.kz/new/en/unesco/news/2877


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