1390_p2UNESCO Almaty provides better opportunities for self-expression and access to information for the thirty-nine thousand rural women and about forty thousand men, living in eight village aimags of Kyrgyzstan through the activities carried by the Public Fund “Kloop Media” within the joint EU and UN project “Operationilising Good Governance for Social Justice”. 

The inhabitants of our village were able to speak openly about their problems. A local authority, taking into account the opinion of residents taking action to solve these problems.

Ms Gazel Ruslanova, Kulanak village CMC, Naryn region100 volunteers of community multimedia centers (CMCs) of eight remote villages of Kyrgyzstan will develop skills to create information resources and increase women and men participation in local government by using of Information and Communication Technologies.

During the past two years in three villages in Kyrgyzstan : Dzhal, Kara-Suu and Uchkun were introduced full community multimedia centers with mobile ICTs, microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers to create and distribute information to villagers.

In the middle of last year in five villages: Kulanak, Toktoyan, Kyzyl-Bulak Oogon-Talaa and Uch-Korgon mobile CMC were established such a narrowcasting equipment did not exist before.

In 2014, this gap is bridged. The new equipment allows the population of all eight remote villages of the six regions of the country receive publicly – relevant information that is essential for the effective governance. Influence of this factor increases when locally relevant information collected and disseminated by local volunteers – rural correspondents. Villagers, including women, children, youth, people with disabilities, vulnerable, teachers, doctors, farmers are able to talk about their problems, express their opinions and offer a solution. Local authorities are able to inform the public about its activities, make it more transparent and accountable.

In eight rural municipalities (aiyl aimag) where Community Multimedia Centers are established, the total number of inhabitants: 78,697, of which 39,132 are women and 39,565 – men.

A series of trainings and consultations will be held from April to October 2014. Community journalists will conduct practical work on the development of information materials with Kloop Media Public Fund editors consulting support.

Gazel Ruslanova village Kulanak Naryn region: the inhabitants of our village were able to speak openly about their problems. A local authority, taking into account the opinion of residents is taking action to solve these problems.

The Project on promoting good governance and social justice was launched in October 2011 and will continue during 36 months till October 2014. The goal of the project is to boost the realization of the civil right to public services, especially for vulnerable groups of people – women, youth and children of 30 villages in 7 provinces of Kyrgyzstan. This project is supported by UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF and UN-Women. The European Union provides financial support of this project together with the above-mentioned UN agencies.

Source: Communication and Information – http://www.unesco.kz/new/en/unesco/news/2833


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