1387_p2Media Workers Trade Union of Kyrgyz Republic with the support of the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office within the joint EU and UN project “Operationilising Good Governance for Social Justice” will hold a two-day training for eight community multimedia centers (CMCs) in remote areas of six oblasts in Kyrgyzstan. Rural journalists will be trained to apply the principles of civic journalism in order to promote engagement of village residents in solving local problems. A series of workshops will be held from April to October 2014. 

Osh oblast 100 rural journalists will cover local issues, conduct interviews and debates and participation in local self-government.

In addition, distance work is scheduled for representatives of the media centers. They will receive tips, advice and assistance from Media Workers Trade Union in selecting topics for covering, editing and participation in local self-government.

“I and many of my classmates want to learn English. In our village there are no classes, and our parents do not have enough money to pay fees. I think we can cover this issue and discuss it with villagers. Then we can voice it at the self-government meeting and bring the issue for solution” – said Ms Kurmanbek kyzy Burulai, CMC volunteer from Kyzyl Bulak village, Osh oblast during the previous UNESCO training.

The training on applying of the principles of civic journalism will enhance institutional capacity of eight multimedia centers, as well as will improve the good governance coverage and interaction between traditional and community-based media, as well as introduce UN global campaigns in a field of interests of local communities, by using mobile application provided by UN DPI Information Center in Kazakhstan.

The Project on promoting good governance and social justice was launched in October 2011 and will continue during 36 months till October 2014. The goal of the project is to boost the realization of the civil right to public services, especially for vulnerable groups of people – women, youth and children of 30 villages in 7 provinces of Kyrgyzstan. This project is supported by UNDP, UNICEF, UN-Women and UNESCO. The European Union provides financial support of this project together with the above-mentioned UN agencies.

Source: Communication and Information – http://www.unesco.kz/new/en/unesco/news/2831


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