1331_p25 December 2013, a new community multimedia center has been created in the Uchkun village, Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan.
UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty within the joint EU-UN Project Operationalizing Good Governance for Social Justice in Kyrgyzstan supported the initiative of the Uchkun village self-governance body. 

The Uchkun sub-project “Informed population – good governance” helped to improve communication with a local authority for five and a half thousand people from Kulanak and Uchkun villages in Naryn oblast. The project facilitated participation of citizens in municipal government, especially in the budget management. Rural youth was actively involved, as multimedia center is located in the school.

A three-day training course on the journalism basics for volunteers: 19 women and 11 men have been implemented. Trainers are experienced journalists from Naryn TV. As a result of the training, participants learn skills and ethics, information requests and analysis of information. Volunteers learned to broadcast village plans and rural problems of their communities, by using loudspeakers at village.

“We are very interested in working in the center and to be ambassadors between the representatives of local authorities and villagers. Through the means, how we serve the information, conflicts and local problems can be resolved.” – said Ms Aidai Mudunova a young participant of the training.

During the project, that started in mid-October a monitoring and evaluation commission haver been deal with general concept and the draft regulation of the work of the center. Besides schoolchildren, adults, teachers, representatives of local government and activists are participated in the project.

Source: Communication and Information – http://www.unesco.kz/new/en/unesco/news/2792


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